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Drivers Hours, Working Time Directive & Digital Tachograph

Part 1 - IntroductionNew digital tachograph

  • Welcome and introduction
  • Presentation and course overview

Part 2 - EU Regulations, Working Time Directives & Domestic Hours

  • Exemptions, driving hours, breaks and rest
  • Daily and weekly rest periods, emergencies, trains and ferries
  • Definition of working time, periods of availability, breaks and night work
  • Working Time Directive, keeping records, offences and penalties
  • Domestic hours exemptions, drivers hours, breaks and rest periods

Part 3 - Analogue Tachograph Regulations

  • Mode control switch, tachograph charts
  • Responsibilities of the operator and driver
  • Calibration and sealing of tachograph
  • Misuse and record keeping of charts - offences and penalties

Part 4 - Digital Tachograph System, Tacho Cards & Modes of Operation

  • Vehicle unit, sensor and speedometer
  • Driver, company, control and workshop cards

Part 5 - Vehicle Unit Operational & Functionality Characteristics

  • UTC and local time, driver card log-in and log-off
  • Manual enteries, data display, menu structure and mode activity behaviour
  • Pictograms, adjusting local time, out of scope conditions and messages

Part 6 - Evaluating Print-Outs plus Company & Operational Procedures

  • Daily print-outs
  • Mixed tachograph work, tacho checks and company operating procedures

Part 7 - Practical

  • Practical time with use of digital tachograph simulators

Part 8 - Course Evaluation

  • Assessment review and feedback
  • Course evaluation form
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